Springfield Chapter Missouri Pilots Association

February 2003

Presidentís Message

Well it's that time again. Why is it time drags when you are young and flys when you are older? Oh well, make life what you want and be happy.

Have you ever been driving or flying and felt the urge to slow down or turn for no particular reason? You make the change and in less than a minute or two, you see an accident or just miss an oncoming vehicle (car/truck or airplane). Was it luck or intuition or something else that "saved you"? How many times have you or someone you know had the feeling something is not as it should be?
I am not sure where this leading but I know that I have had the feeling I should do something that I would not ordinarily do and then wonder "what if?". What causes a person have that feeling? Why does it happen at certain times? Do you notice a change in an engine or tire sound? Maybe the glint/reflection of the sun on a windshield or pond wakes you from the drowsy/daydreaming state of mind and you see you crossed the centerline or turned to a new heading or changed altitude. Are we lucky? What is luck - have you ever wondered? You probably know someone that you think is lucky all the time. Is it luck or something else? Can you make your own luck? Does hard work, extra studying or intelligence make a difference? What about lottery winners? Are they lucky or being challenged to survive the changes money or attention can bring?
I am full of questions and few, if any, answers. The thing is to keep your mind active, questioning things, learning, sharing knowledge. You will feel better with more energy. Like I always tell people - I would rather be lucky than good any day. You can be lucky and beat someone that is better than you but rarely beat someone that is luckier than you.

Happy Landings
Tom Holmer

February Meeting

The Monthly meeting will be on 2/18/ at Springfield /Branson Airport Cafe SGF
6:30 social hour 7 P.M. Buffet dinner cost $10.00 per person.
Topic is Safety Tape on Automation.

Chapter Officers


Tom Holmer 417-869-2068

Vice President



Nancy McClure 417-863-1828


Lynn Rodgers 417-890-8700

Newsletter Editor

Robin Harmon 417-863-6939

Calendar of Events

EAA Chapter 821 meets at the Air and Military Museum Of the Ozarks
2305 E Kearney Springfield
7P.M. Sharp

MPA Board Meeting
Columbia Regional Airport
Board Meets at 1:00 P.M.
All MPA Members Welcome!

Mail a copy to Larry Harmon
2303 W. Bodeb St
Springfield MO 65802
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