Springfield Chapter Missouri Pilots Association

February 2005

Flying Journal - Flying Regrets
Actually, I don't have too many regrets about flying. Just the friends we have lost. Most of my regrets are about NOT Flying-as in "not flying enough," or as in "not flying that B-17 when I had the chance." You are probably tired of hearing me whine about not flying enough, but I console myself that at least I share a lot that way with most pilots, except those few full-time pilots who may actually fly too much, like twelve legs in a day.

I did fly the better part of two hours last month, finishing up a BFR, so at least I wasn't skunked. And the days are getting longer and unseasonably warm and hope springs eternal. I also enjoyed a ground school session with an experienced pilot who wants some instrument touch-up and transition to his glass-cockpit, with GPS approaches and all. We also planned some of the flight lessons and we are both excited to get that underway. I am also in the process of deciding if I want to undertake another long adventure flying trip this summer. It's been almost six years, since my last big flying adventure to Alaska, and I suspect it's a lot like having a baby-obviously, the pain must fade after a few years or none of us would have siblings! More later on that.

But for now, more "non-flying" flying talk. I recently discovered that the FAA offers two awards, one for A & P mechanics, and one for pilots, who have completed fifty years of continuous service! I was also pleased to realize that I have many friends, including some of our MPA members, who may be eligible. In fact, I believe one has 68 years of service. Imagine flying over half, even two-thirds, of the entire history of powered flight! Kind of puts my 14 years into perspective. I don't have the form with me, but I'll find out more. I understand the completed form goes to Randy Robinson, at the KC FSDO. Let me know if you or someone you know is eligible.

Fly (and plan flying) safely, and share the joy!