January 2000

President’s Column Ann Humphreys

I would like to thank everyone who attended last months Christmas dinner and gift exchange. It was a difficult party to plan. Trying to make it a joyous occasion for the holidays and deal with the recent tragedy at Point Lookout was a challenge I don't look forward to again. Even under the circumstances I feel it was a success. The majority of the Branson Chapter was unable to attend due to the memorial service so we were grateful for those who could make it.

This month's program will be Dr. Greg Zolkowski from Bolivar. Dr. Zolkowski has recently been appointed a Flight Physician by the FAA to do flight physicals. He will be a welcome addition to the dwindling few doctors who perform this service. He will update us on the most recent regulations and restrictions on flight physicals. It should be an informative evening.

Next month's program will be a tour of the Missouri National Guard Unit. It has been some time since we have toured this facility so it will be interesting to see how things have changed.

As I am sure many of you have heard we lost Dave Fraizer Saturday, January 8, 2000. Although Dave had his ups and downs health wise he never lost his enthusiasm for aviation nor his interest in flying. I know without a doubt he is flying now with a pair of wings any aeronautical engineer would be proud of. To Wilma and the family our prayers go out to you.


This month's meeting is January 18th, Springfield/Branson Regional Airport, Springfield, MO. We meet at the CAFÉ SGF, Social Hour 6:30p.m. Cost is $10.00 per person. Program: Newly designated as an FAA DME, Dr. Greg Kolkowski, from Bolivar will speak on FAA Physicals.

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