June 2001

Presidentís Message - Keeping Current

I did it again. I waited until the last possible moment to get in my required "6 approaches with holdings" to remain IFR current. I'll repeat my pledge to shoot approaches one or two at a time instead of bunching them every three or four months.

I have flown a few more hours recently than in previous months and those flights took on a variety of forms. Maret and I made an evening dinner flight to Osage Beach accompanied by a friend from church who had not flown in a light plane before. The 2001-02 AOPA Airport Directory says there are "six restaurants within walking distance" of the Grand Glaze airport. We ate at one of those, putting increased meaning to the "$100 dollar ham-burger" but it was worth every one of those dollars. Taking off just after sundown and flying out over Lake Ozarks' reflections was a great way to start the flight home. The night was clear enough to pick out the lights of Springfield 40 miles out. Maret and Nicole seemed to enjoy the dinner and flight (well, probably dinner more than the flight) and I just was once again happy that I learned how to fly.

Earl Holmer and I spent part of a day recently flying to St. Louis Spirit, eating at Annie Gunn's, and making stops at Washington and Sullivan airports on the return flight. Very much a typical summer day with haze and mild turbulence, but a good experience. I filed IFR, so experienced working with SGF departure, Kansas City, and St. Louis Centers going in to SUS. Kind of fun to park the old 172 between corporate twins and biz jets before using an EB courtesy car to lunch at Annie Gunn's. Flying into St. Louis' Class B and filing IFR was good experience for a novice like me; prelude for more flights, I hope, to see grandson Lucas and his family now living in St. Charles. I really enjoyed flying the Missouri River Valley the short but scenic distance from SUS to Washington's airport.

WINGS. Eight SGF Chapter pilots completed requirements for the WINGS program this year and Larry Harmon presented certificates to those attending the May 15 chapter meeting. We were third out of the 12 chapters in the state. Third place is good, but with only 13% of our members participating, that shows the low participation of most of the MPA chapters. Let's make it our goal to move to first in Missouri next year.

MO-KAN back in MO. In related news, Missouri Pilots Association won the "MO-KAN" trophy this year for the highest WINGS participation rate. It is good to see the trophy back on the eastern side of the border.

SGF MEETING. I look forward to seeing you the 15th.

Bill Cheek

May Meeting

This month's meeting is on Tuesday, June 19th, at Café SGF at the Springfield/Branson Regional Airport. Buffet is at 7:00 P.M. Cost is $10.00 per person. Social Hour is at 6:30 P.M. Program: Steve Enders, SGF TWR ATCS will discuss "Radio Phraseology."

Chapter Officers


Bill Cheek 417-881-6787

Vice President

Ann Humphreys 417-833-1330


Earl Holmer 417-862-2393


Lynn Rodgers 417-890-8700

Newsletter Editor

Roger Ferguson 417-882-1727

Calendar of Events

6/21 FAA Safety Seminar, Cox North Hospital, Fountain Plaza Room, 7:00-9:30 P.M. 1423 N. Jefferson Ave. For more information contact Larry G. Harmon (417) 866-0919
or E-mail MPALHARMON@aol.com

MPA State Board Meeting. Lunch 12 Noon at Bledsoe's Restaurant, Columbia Regional Airport, Columbia, MO. Board Meets at 1:00 P.M. All MPA Members Welcome!

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