Springfield Chapter Missouri Pilots Association

March 2003

President’s Message

Sure seems like the days whiz by. Somewhat different than when we were younger.

Last month was interesting when I offered to pass the videotape around so everyone could see it. Hopefully in April we will have a tv/vcr that will work. Hopefully we all will be at the next meeting when Gary Cyr, Assistant Airport Director, will talk about the changes at SGF.

Speaking of changes, look at the weather. Cool, warm, cold, snow, warm, hot…what a winter. It will soon be just a memory, good and bad.

This last week my airplane was in for maintenance and guess what…I had to scramble to find a rental to make a couple trips. I found an airplane in St Louis and planned for an early, early departure on Wednesday from Parks Airport to Lebanon and then to Marathon, FL. Well the weather was forecast nasty so we opted to fly Tuesday night, only the rental airplane was late returning from a trip. It ended up that we left Spirit of St Louis at about 10:00 pm for Lebanon. At the time SGF was VFR - no biggie. Zip in, pickup and go…wrong. Ended up shooting the SDF 36 to mins, broke out at the airport and circled to 18 (downwind landing). We should have been ready for it but we had not flown together before, thought the weather was VFR, and did not totally prepare for the approach. It all ended peacefully. (Landed in Marathon at 02:50 am Wednesday…long day).

Just a reminder that your expectations may be different than what you end up with. So it always helps to be prepared for the unexpected. We just knew that we would have a visual approach. Luckily we worked well together and adapted to the situation. That is sort of like life, change is sometimes the only constant so adapt and persevere.

Keep the shiny side up.

Happy Landings
Tom Holmer

March Meeting

The Monthly meeting will be on 3/18 at Springfield /Branson Airport Cafe SGF
6:30 social hour 7 PM Buffet dinner; cost $10.00 per person.
Speaker is Gary Cyr A.A.E. Assistant Director of Aviation on Airport Updates.

Chapter Officers


Tom Holmer 417-869-2068

Vice President



Nancy McClure 417-863-1828


Lynn Rodgers 417-890-8700

Newsletter Editor

Robin Harmon 417-863-6939

Calendar of Events

EAA Chapter 821 meets at the Air and Military Museum Of the Ozarks
2305 E Kearney
7PM Sharp

MPA Board Meeting
Columbia Regional Airport
Columbia, MO
Board Meets at 1:00 PM
All MPA Members Welcome!

Mail a copy to Larry Harmon
2303 W. Bodeb St
Springfield MO 65802
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