Springfield Chapter Missouri Pilots Association

November 2002

Flying Journal - Positive Memories

The positive memories will eventually outweigh the negative. In the midst of our continuing shock and grief, the sense of community we felt during those services began the hope of healing. Hurting and healing continued the next Sunday when I happened to notice at least three of us from that community back at the airport. Life and flying go on.

As I introduced my student to the joys of "pattern work," the pleasant monotony and occasional terrors of his first "touch and goes," memories flickered through my mind like an action movie. I remembered waving at Larry's smiling face across the ramp, and shaking his hand when he became our chapter president. I recall ferrying Don to Washington, MO to pick up "44J," that would become his pride and joy. I remembered flying this very pattern as I started Don on his multi-engine rating in Pro Flight's old twin-engine Piper Aztec. Every time I advanced the throttle after a simulated engine failure, about six feet of flame shot out the exhaust! Finally, the tower got so concerned they persuaded us to land to have it checked out.

When I was flying full-time at Pro Flight Air, mostly in Cessna 150s, I started getting --among other "pilots' ailments"--back pain and stiffness. Don referred me to Jill Reavis, now owner of Wellness Concepts, whose combination of massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic proved to be just what aging pilots like myself need to keep moving and flying. The Wellness Concepts connection also led me to Rick Wilson, my Tai Chi and martial arts teacher for the last three years. Just like many of you, I have valued memories, both aviation and non-aviation, from our departed friends.

Let's cherish those memories, and fly safely on wings of fabric, aluminum, composite or spirit.


[Copyright 2002 - Earl Holmer]