October 2001

Presidentís Message

We had a really good time at the last MPA meeting. Don Hinni gave an excellent and informative slide presentation of the 2001 Reno Air Races. Unfortunately, the races didn't occur because of the flight restrictions due to the tragedy of September 11. However, the slides that he showed were of the pit area and were really great. We were honored to have 2 guests and 1 new member, my son, John Kennedy.

Bill Cheek and Jerry McClure went to a local fly-in last Saturday and appeared to have had an outstanding day.

Our secretary, Nancy McClure, is working on getting our MPA brochure ready to be placed in establishments of aviation interests in the community.

As of this date, (Sep 27, 2001), the tour of the Missouri AV-Crad Repair Facility on the October meeting of the MPA is still on. The facility has a variety of aircraft: Blackhawks, Huey's, Bell Rangers, as well as the huge 47's The visitors will be able to see aircraft in various stages of repair. For everyone that is able to attend, I'm sure that it will be an experience that will be remembered for quite a while. See you there!

Larry Kennedy

October Program

This month's Chapter meeting is on Tuesday, October 16, 2001. Social Hour 6:30 p.m.; Buffet Dinner at 7:00pm.($10.00) at Cafe SGF, Springfield/Branson Regional Airport. PROGRAM: A visit to the Springfield AvCrad Facility is scheduled.

Chapter Officers


Larry Kennedy 417-788-2764

Vice President

Tom Holmer 417-869-4440


Nancdy McClure 417-863-1828


Lynn Rodgers 417-865-7914

Newsletter Editor

Roger Ferguson 417-882-1727

Calendar of Events

10/14 MPA Board Meeting, Columbia Regional Airport, Columbia, MO. Board meets at 1:00 P.M. All MPA Members Welcome!

10/18 FAA Aviation Safety Seminar, Thursday October 18TH, 7:00-9:00 P.M. Cox North Hospital, Fountain Plaza Room. 1423 N. Jefferson Ave. Program: The History of Aviation Safety and Governmental Involvement, by Ed Duckworth, SPM, KC-FSDO.

New Features of the Wings Program Versus the BFR, by Larry G. Harmon FAA Aviation Safety Counselor. For more information, contact: Larry G. Harmon (417) 863-6939 or e-mail MPALHARMON@aol.com.

End of an Era?
By Roger Ferguson [Editor]

Yesterday, September 30, 2001 will remain in my memory for as long as I have a memory! Need I remind you that my closest birthday is my 82nd? Yesterday, I completed my 3rd Wings flight for the first step in that program. It was also the last day that my FAA 3rd class medical was effective. Despite assurance from my cardiologist that my heart condition is not more likely to cause a sudden incapacitation than any nor- mal 81-year old could expect, the FAA medical people at Oklahoma City insisted that I have a very expensive electro- cardiogram with doppler before they would even consider renewing it for another year. It would become a yearly ex- pensive struggle to even attempt to keep a 3rd class medical.

Following the 3rd Wings flight with Jack Reynolds in his C-150, I flew solo for a trip around the patch and even had to go around from final because a TWA stretch MD-80 was sitting on the end of the active runway for many minutes after it was cleared for takeoff. It is likely to have been my very LAST strictly solo flight! My log book does not clearly show when I last flew completely solo but it may have been as long ago as 1976. My first solo was in February 1943 at the old Mason City, Iowa Airport in a J-3 Cub on skiis, or more than 58 years ago.

I will be flying with friends on occasion and have a trip on American Airlines booked on October 9th from Kansas City to Buffalo, New York with the return on the 14th. I plan to visit with an old Navy buddy for a couple of days before attending a convention in Buffalo. We have not seen each other since May 1945 in Bahia, Brazil -- 56 long years ago. May you all have fair skies and smooth landings!

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