May 1, 2019

Join us at The Walnut Grill in Ellisville, 1386 Clarkson Clayton Center, which is on the opposite side of the road from the Mercy Facility on Clayton Road, just west of Clarkson Road. Order off the menu anytime after 6PM.
Visit their website: where you can check out their menu.

Call or email Candy Stewart if you will be joining us: 314 651-7097 or
She needs to give Walnut Grill a head count so they know what room to reserve for us.

Our speaker will be Hubert Looney. With the airshows just getting started around the areas, Hubert will talk to us about the B-25 and other airshow aircraft that he is involved with. He will also talk about some behind the scenes events that we never get to hear about! This will be an interesting evening. Please attend!