Wednesday, June 3rd

The "Rest of the Story"
Remember "Air Refueling: How Do They Do that?" In January, we heard from Jeanette (Jen) Moore, pilot of the KC-135 on how they do air refueling. This month we will hear from Nathan Moore & Robert Rizzo - the "Boomers". They will tell us how this is done at the Boom! The rest of the story!

SSgt Nathan Moore is a graduate of Collinsville High School, active in the Navy for 6 years. He worked as a Fire Control man, operating the MK86 5 inch caliber4 gun fire control system. He graduated from SIUE in 2005 with a BS in Kinesiology. He joined the Illinois National Guard in May 2005, started boom school in September 2005 and was hired on as a full time boom in July of 2006. He has supported numerous operations including Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqui Freedom, Operation Nobel Eagle and others….
SMSgt Robert Rizzo has been a member of the Air Force and Air National Guard for 20 years. An Illinois native, he served on active duty at Grissom AFB, Minot AFB, now stationed with the 126th Air Refueling Wing at Scott AFB. As an instructor and evaluator boom operator, he's logged more than 5000 flying hours on multiple models of the KC-135. He has earned a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management from SIU and a Master of Aeronautical Safety from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Our private room opens up at 1800 with Dinner ($18/person) being served at 1900. Our guest speaker's presentation will be around 2000. We will meet at the Sunset Lakes Banquet Center 13366 W. Watson Road in Sappington, MO 63127.

For door-to-door driving directions Click Here.

Call Candy Stewart by May 29th at 314-651-7097 or send her an email to make your reservations.

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June 6th

Kennett MO (TKX) is the destination this month. Plan on meeting at 1130 on Saturday, June 6, 2009 at Kennett, MO airport. Hdg of 166, about 149 miles south. They have a good price on fuel and McCormick's Steak House which has a variety of food choices is within walking distance. They also have a courtesy van we can use. Please let Sue Smith know if you can join us! 626-274-3663.

You can also combine this flyout with a stop at MVN for Breakfast &/or Plane Wash.
See last item below.

Fly Out to Fulton, MO - April 11, 2009

After several futile attempts hampered by bad weather, the St. Louis chapter finally achieved it's goal of flying to Fulton to tour the Winston Churchill Memorial and Library. The weather was cool and crisp, perfect for flying. Art & Candy Stewart, Mark and Carol Weber, Bill & Sue Smith and Richard Baricko flew from the St. Louis area to Elton Hensley Memorial airport. There they rendezvoused with Hadley (Jim) and Marilyn Williams from LaBelle, MO. An excellent lunch was enjoyed at Bek's restaurant, located in a beautifully restored historical building in downtown Fulton. No one could resist the home made desserts, which necessitated a brisk walk from the restaurant to the memorial, located on the grounds of Westminster College. The memorial was founded in 1969 to honor the life and legacy of Winston Churchill, one of the great leaders of the 20th century. It is housed within the Church of St. Mary Aldermanbury, a 12th century London church designed by Christopher Wren and relocated to Fulton. The undercroft of this beautiful church is a museum filled with artifacts and information relating to the life and times of Churchill. All agreed the short time allotted to exploring the museum did not do it justice and plan to visit again in the future. All in all, a GREAT day of flying, fellowship and sight seeing.

Come to the KMVN June 6th fly-in breakfast and
Get your plane washed, too!
0900 to 1200.

Fly-in Breakfast and Plane Wash by Women with Wings. All proceeds benefit the Women With Wings Scholarship Fund. Women with Wings is the St. Louis area chapter of Women in Aviation International. Cost for Plane Wash: $65 for single engine aircraft (cash or checks).

Nominating Committee Report:

The nominated officers for the St. Louis Chapter of the MPA for the year 2009-2010 are:

President - Art Stewart
Vice President - Richard Baricko
Secretary - Carol Weber
Treasurer - Candy Stewart

Board Members whose terms will expire in 2011:

Jo Ann Johnson
Russ Heath
Sue Smith
Marge Doias
Hubert Looney
Barbara Lane

Board Members whose terms will expire in 2010:

Joe Sudekum
Ann Sudekum
Mark Weber
Ken Dressel
Curt Springmeier

These officers will be voted on at the June meeting. See you there!

Save the Date!

September 5, 2009
St. Louis Chapter MPA Picnic
At Washington, MO Airport

Plan now to attend!