Rec.aviation Flyin

Rec.aviation is having another Flyin and get together.

The flyin last year was a great success for all of those who came. We hung out and had a blast. Everyone that came had a good time. Everyone got to fly everyone's airplane if they wanted to. I forced some of the attendees into my airplane at gunpoint and forced them to fly it around southern Illinois. They seemed to enjoy it.

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Here are some pictures from the 1997 flyin..

Here are the pictures from the 1998 flyin.

More pictures from 1998


This is a get together for anyone who is interested in airplanes. It is organized as a get together for the computer newsgroups under rec.aviation, but we are not exclusive or hoity toity. To say the least. We will not turn away anyone who in interested or interesting. Fly in, drive in, or walk in. We will have activities of interest for pilots and pilot types.

Getting to the Airport

For those of you who are forced to flyin commercially, here is how to get to the flyin. You can rent a car at Lambert International Airport and drive down to the flyin. It is about 100 miles from Lambert. Take I-70 east to I-64. Proceed east on I-64 to exit 50. This is labeled Nashville and is Highway 127. Go south on Highway 127. You will go through the towns of Nashville and sixteen miles further south, Pinckneyville. Five miles south of Pinckneyville, still on Highway 127 you will see the airport on your left. My hangar is the southernmost one. Hangar D for doghouse.


Pinckneyville/DuQuoin Airport ( PJY )
Lat/long 37-58-40.383N / 089-21-37.616W

Elevation 400 feet
Variation 00E

CTAF: 122.8
Unicom: 122.8

Runways: 18/36 4000 X 60 feet, repaved.
Lighted: Dusk to dawn
Rotating beacon

Pattern Altitude: 800 AGL, 1200 MSL Left turns

NDB on field frequency 215 identifier PJY

Wind sock opposite JRJ's hangar. ( Southernmost hangar on field )


The big day is set for the weekend of May 21, 22, and 23. Hopefully the weather will cooperate because we do not have a foul weather alternate and folks are flying in from all over the country!


We strongly feel that the totally non-commercial aspects of this flyin are important to its success. Last year we were able to supply food and beverages for all due to the gracious contributions from some of the attendees. Special thanks to BadWater Bill Phillips, who bought all of the beer; to Happy Miles, who bought much of the food; and to Tony Pucillo, who bought much of the soda. Thanks also to all of you who contributed to the cost of putting on the flyin. We did come close enough to covering all of the costs that I was able to return home afterward! :-)

To help us maintain the non-commercial aspect and to spread the financial load of the flyin more evenly over the attendees we are going to hit everyone up for $20 to cover the food and beverages and other associated costs of putting on the do. If that runs out, before the flyin does, we have appointed our friend GuIDo to quietly collect whatever small additional costs are required to get us through the event.

In addition to these costs for groceries and suchlike, there are some duties that have to be performed to make things go smoothly. To spread the load on these so that JRJ has time to fly the Reliant and party down with everyone also, we are planning on asking the attendees to take the responsibility for some of the chores and duties that have to be done.

Area 1. Parking John's
We need folks to take responsibility to guiding incoming aircraft to a suitable parking spot. I think a couple of hours at a time are enough to ask someone to do. That means we need volunteers for slots from say, 8-10, 10-12, 12-2, 2-4, and 4-6. We should have some one out there all day saturday, friday from 12 to 6, and sunday from 10-2. That makes a total of ten parking slots. It would be nice to have two folks on duty at any given time. I will try to have some special bright red "Parking John" tee shirts made up to identify the parking squad! :-)

Area 2. Area cleanup.
This is a pretty easy task. We just need someone to make a turn through the populated area every once in a while to cart the full trash cans over to the dumpster, and trash obvious trash left laying around. Also check the Port-A-Potties for things like suitable paper. Old aviation magazines are NOT environmentally approved for this service.

Area 3. Food service!
This one is a biggie. I think one meal is enough for anyone to help with. We need one volunteer to COOK for each meal, and a couple of helpers for each meal.

Walt Troyer has already claimed Cook's duties for Friday night. Other times and tasks are open.

Anyone who would like to volunteer for one of these tasks to make th e flyin go better for all of us can claim a task by sending a note to JRJ at

This year we are charging a registration fee for all attendees. The purpose of the fee is to defray some of the costs of the flyin. The advance registration is $20.00. We are planning on charging a registration fee of $25.00 at the flyin.

Registration fees may be mailed to:

Pinckneyville Flyin
John Johnson
182 New Campfire Road
Carbondale, IL, 62901

Checks should be made out to "Pinckneyville flyin" as I have established a special bank account for the flyin activity.

We are maintaining a list of registrants as the registrations are received.


Meals at the airport are a problem, as the nearest restaurant is in town, six miles away. Because of them, we are having the following meals catered on the field. The cost of these meals is included in the above registration.

Friday: lunch and dinner.

Saturday: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sunday: breakfast, lunch, late afternoon snack!

Canned beverages, a selection of beer and soda, will be available. This is also covered by the advance registration fee.

Hangar Flying Contest:

Friday and Saturday night there will be a major hangar flying with all participants challenging last years principle contender, El Pollo Loco. El Pollo Loco had some really great stories in 98. We are waiting to hear what he comes up with for 1999!


We do allow camping on the field and you may camp with your airplane.
The facilities on the field are quite primitive. We hope to have our permanent sewer and water connection on the field before the flyin, but we may not make it.
If we do not we will have porta-potties, and we will try to rig up some kind of shower facility.
We will have drinkable water available for drinking, eating, and washing.
There are no additional fees for camping on the field.
There is also a nice campground a couple of miles away at Pyramids State Park where you can camp under the trees on the lakeshore.

For those of you who choose to motel it, the local motel is the Mainstreet Inn. Nice lady in charge, clean rooms, reasonable prices. Reservations may be made by calling at 618-357-2128, of her 800 number, 800-455-7378. She has only a limited number of rooms, so I suggest reserving as soon as possible. Room rates are in the upper thirties.

If you want something just a bit fancier, there is a Bed and Breakfast with quite a few accomodations between the motel and the airport. It is the OxBow Bed & Breakfast, 618-357-9839. Their rates are in the fifties and sixties, but do include a good old fashioned country breakfast.

There should be no problem with transportation to either of these places for those of you who fly in to the fly in.

Once again, reserve NOW because both of these places will like fill up for that weekend by the end of February, if not sooner. It would be nice if they fill up with flyin folks!

Both of these places ARE full, as I understand. I did contact another relatively inexpensive motel in DuQuoin, Illinois, that is about six miles from the airport. They claim to have somewhere between six and twenty six rooms available. This is the Super 8 Motel of DuQuoin at 1010 South Jefferson Street, in DuQuoin. There is a shortcut from there to the airport. Reservations can be made at the Super 8 number 1-800-800-8000 or you can call the motel directly at 618-542-4335. Tell them you are with the group at DuQuoin Airport.

I also contacted the Budget Inn, which is just a couple of doors away from the Super 8 so that folks can share rides easier. They can be called at 618-542-5014. They do not have an 800 number. Their address is 1266 S. Washington Street in DuQuoin. Tell them also that you are with the group from the Pinckneyville-DuQuoin Airport.

If there isn't someone there with a car that you can ride with, we DO have a courtesy car at the airport. If that doesn't get the job done, we will arrange to drive you over and come and get you.

We want this flyin to be FUN, not a hassle.

**** Last update, 4/14/99, JRJ ****

"May Day"