Saturday September 4th

St. Louis Chapter
Annual Picnic & Barbecue

You are invited to join us for our now famous annual chapter picnic and barbecue at the Washington, MO airport (KFYG - formerly MO6). This is NOT our usual meeting day or time but our special summer event! Drive in or Fly In!

A tasty lunch served at 12:30 PM will be prepared for you by the St. Louis Chapter members. For only $15 you will get a special picnic of shrimp cocktail, barbecued chicken wings, cucumber salad, sliced tomato salad, pork steaks, chicken breasts, baked beans, garlic bread, fruit salad & desserts! Ice tea & water are also included.

Driving directions: take I-44W to exit 251 (just 10 miles past Six Flags) follow Highway 100 to SR-47, cross the bridge and take a right onto Airport Road.....OR take Hwy-40 to SR-94S past Agusta to SR-47, and go left a short distance on SR-47 to Airport Road.

This is our September Fly Out EVENT! Meet us there!

Please make your reservation by September 1st.
Call Candy Stewart at 314-651-7097 OR....
Click the envelope to e-mail Candy

Come join us to see some old friends and meet some new ones!

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